What is MRI?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a non-invasive diagnostic test that produces detailed pictures of internal organs and structures in a patient’s body. The test uses a uses radio waves, a strong magnetic field, and a computer to create images in cross-section.

With incredible accuracy, a high-field MRI, like the ones offered at Hillsborough Radiology, can detect many abnormalities that CT scans and X-rays cannot, especially those involving soft tissue. In fact, MRI reduces the need for biopsies, exploratory surgery and other diagnostic procedures, which carry associated risks. MRI is a totally painless procedure with no known side effects.

Types of MRIs

Because our patients come in different shapes and sizes, we offer short-bore and wide-bore 1.5T MRI with quiet suite noise reduction technology. This advanced MRI offers a more open, less-claustrophobic exam due to the wide- and short-bore design.

The wide-bore provides for a more spacious exam experience while the short-bore design helps to reduce that “tunnel feeling.” With quiet suite technology, patients may experience up to 97% reduction in scanner noise for a less stressful exam without compromising image quality or scan time, with most patients experiencing at least a moderate noise reduction.

The MRI experience at Hillsborough Radiology takes place in a room with floor-to-ceiling privacy windows that lets in natural light.

What will the exam be like?

Patients will not feel anything unusual during the exam. They will, however, hear a repeated drum-like knocking sound as the scans are recorded.

Patients are given the option to listen to music during their scan for a more comfortable experience. Hearing protection will be provided to those patients who do not wish to listen to music.

To help produce high-quality images, patients will be asked to lie still during the examination while breathing normally. The average scan takes five to 15 minutes – the complete examination about 30 to 45 minutes.