Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions by patients of Hillsborough Radiology:

Q: Do I need a prescription from my doctor for my exam?

A: Yes, a prescription is always required for any test.

Q: Can I walk in for my exam?

A: While we allow walk-in X-rays, it is always preferred you make an appointment so you do not have to wait when you arrive in our office.

Q: Does my exam require pre-authorization?

A: Most MRIs, CAT-Scans, and special procedures need authorization. Medicare, Medicaid, and Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield do not need authorization.

Q: Who is responsible for obtaining the authorization?

A: It is the responsibility of the ordering physician to initiate pre-authorization with your insurance company.

Q: Will my exam be covered by my insurance? Will I have to pay anything for my exam?

A: Everyone’s insurance coverage is different. You should contact your insurance carrier to determine what your costs will be. Also, most insurances have deductibles that must be met before insurance will pay their portion.

Q: Will I be expected to pay anything for my exam?

A: Yes, you will be responsible for paying either a copay or deductible at the time of your exam.

Q: What if I do not have insurance?

A: We offer a discount for self-pay patients. Every exam is a different cost. Please contact Hillsborough Radiology for a self-pay price.

Q: Does your radiology center perform 3D mammograms?

A: Yes, every mammogram performed in our facility is 3D.

Q: Why is my exam being ordered?

A: Your exam can be discussed with your ordering physician prior to making your appointment. Your doctor is familiar with your health, and it is best to discuss any tests while in your doctor’s office.